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OpenCart multi-instances implementation on one hosting system

February 6, 2018

Initial data:

  • Linux Hosting 1 with an installed instance of OpenCart 1;

  • Linux Hosting 2 with an installed instance of OpenCart 2;

  • SSH access and installed Webmin module on the hostings.

Task: to combine two instances of OpenCart 1 and 2 on Hosting 2. For the convenience of administering the solution, we will use Webmin.



1. In the public folder of Hosting 2, create a folder for the new instance of OpenCart. Copy the OpenCart files from Hosting 1 to Hosting 2.




2. Create two virtual Apache hosts. There are two ways to accomplish this task:

  • edit the file 000-default.conf or;

  • using Webmin: edit Apache Webserver using the web-interface;

Restart Apache.




3. Make the SQL database archive on Hosting 1.




4. Create a new SQL database on Hosting 2.




5. Restore the SQL database on Hosting 2 from the archive, made in step 3. Information about the created tables and records - there is a confirmation of the successful completion.






6. Configure the instance of OpenCart 2 on Hosting 2: the name of the folder on the server, the name of the database, access to the database.




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