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Using "Projecting to this PC" (Miracast) feature in Windows 10

June 7, 2017

Sometimes it is necessary to project the screen of a phone or another computer (guest system) to the screen of another computer running Windows 10 (host system). Host can be a mini computer connected to a TV with a large diagonal (such as a Mini PC Intel Compute Stick HDMI).


Setting up the Host:


Select Settings from the Start Menu. When the Settings screen appears, select the System tab and then choose Projecting to this PC. Set the following settings. In our example, the computer name is INTEL-STICK.


A new connection must be created in the "Network and Sharing Center".


Setting up the Guest (on an example of a phone with Android system):


In the Android Settings menu, turn on the "Wireless display" feature.




An available devices for the projection should appear. In our example, INTEL-STICK. Select the available device and click "Connect". On the host screen, the following window should be displayed showing the progress of the connection.


After a few seconds on the host screen (Connect window), the phone's screen will be displayed.


And on the phone screen - information about the successful connection to the host.



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